Common Injuries in High School Athletes, and When to See an Orthopedic Specialist

Posted by Weiss Memorial Hospital on Jan 3, 2020 1:13:00 PM

Lifelong memories are often made in high school sports, and can encourage good habits into adulthood on the importance of regular exercise, but millions of young athletes are treated in emergency rooms each year for sports-related injuries. Learning how to avoid preventable injuries is important, and it’s just as critical to help your high school athlete get proper treatment if injuries do occur.

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What Does a Sports Medicine Specialist Do?

Posted by Weiss Memorial Hospital on Jun 7, 2019 3:57:43 PM

Many people get injuries or suffer from pain associated with sports, exercise, or other physical activities. Symptoms such as back, neck, and shoulder pain as well as problems affecting the knees, elbows, and other body parts may all be connected to sports. For many such symptoms, the best course of action is to consult a sports medicine specialist. People seeking this type of specialist may be seeking relief from pain or repetitive motion issues. Let's explore what sports medicine specialists do and how they can help patients.

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